Our driving instructors are passionate about their work and know they have a responsibility to prepare excellent drivers. They are there to help guide you through your driving lessons at a pace that suits you. They'll help you build your confidence and skill behind the wheel and make your lessons fun! Our Instructors are specialists to work with very nervous drivers and very new beginers who have never driven before. Professional male and female instructors. Patient and friendly. Our instructor are specialized to work with nervous drivers


Not only are our driving instructors expertly trained and experienced in keeping you and the roads of Melbourne safe; but our cars are equipped with dual controls for maximum safety. Magic Driving School's cars are regularly serviced and tested against the highest safety standards.

Passing your test!

Magic Driving School will address the most common mistakes on driving tests to ensure you pass with ease: Driving over the kerb, Failing to use signals when turning, Driving over speed limit, Failing to stop on stop sign. We will teach you Reverse parallel parking and three point turn in less than 10 min.

We can organise your booking with Vic roads for drive and hazard reception test.

Your instructor will assess your driving before your test.                     

                                               PRICE LIST

             AUTOMATIC CAR                      MANUAL CAR

       45min LESSON $45                       45min LESSON $50 

      60min LESSON $50                       60 min LESSON $60

                             THIHIS MONTH DISCOUN  


                          TEST ONLY  $140